We are working to create a more extensive listing of gender neutral or all user restrooms on campus. As you come across any of these that are not listed on the following map please email or stop by the center so we can make these updates.

Campus View Suites (Student Housing Dept.) – 2 neutral restrooms – enter main lobby through north or south side of building and the restroom are in the hallway that the front desk faces.

Brooks’ Stop (campus food) – 1 neutral restroom.

Edith S. Whitehead Education Building (“WEDU”) – 2 neutral restrooms – enter from the campus side and one is located down the right hallway and one located down the left hallway.

Testing Center – entrance located at Northeast side of North Plaza parking lot – 1 neutral restroom – go through main testing center door and look to your left.

Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons (library, registration, etc.) – 3 neutral restrooms – 2 on the outside of the building on the south side as if exiting the sports field – 1 located on level 2M in the corner opposite the information desk or the stairs next to the single elevator

Health & Counseling Center – 1 neutral restroom and the restroom used for lab testing is neutral

University Plaza Building C – 2 neutral restrooms on the 2nd floor in the hallway

Russell C. Taylor Health Science Center – details coming soon

Alumni House (events) – 2 neutral restrooms but only open for events

Innovation Plaza – gendered restrooms signs were removed and labeled “inclusive”

Suntran Bus Stop – on 100 South just before 1000 East

Eccles Fine Arts – 1 next to Eccles 103 (in office area) and 2 next to Eccles 150 (Band Room)

LDS Institute for Continued Learning – gender neutral or family restroom next to the gendered ones



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